Family + Future


It's been two weeks since I've been home and man it feels good. My own bed! All of my sweatpants! Ice cubes! Okay... okay...

Despite being in NYC this week, I did manage to see family. My dad and little brother were in town for Boy Scout trip and so I went to meet them for a quick hello while there were at dinner on Tuesday. On my way to tourist central (aka Times Square vicinity), I passed St. Patrick's Cathedral. I've often been by it but never inside and the doors were wide open since the weather was so nice. Despite being crunched on time, I zipped in and took a few minutes for myself.
The cathedral itself is quite busy with tourists but still serene and relaxing oddly enough. I can never resist lighting a candle or two with a prayer. This time I did two candles: one for family and one for the future.

and of course I checked in there on Foursquare. Not that I'm going to Foursquare mayor of a church (don't go enough to make it happen), but feels like an opportunity for a joke about separation of church and state... maybe not. :)


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