on vacation


I'm on vacation for a few days. 

It's the first "vacation" that I've taken in pretty much exactly a year. December doesn't count because I was between jobs... and so there was really nothing to relax from beside the previous day of cross-country skiing.

I oscillate between really liking to maximize my days and wanting to do absolutely nothing. I want to wake up early, go for runs and bike rides, sit and do absolutely nothing, and never leave the vacation property. I have an Amazon package being delivered today with a few books to read because I'm not willing to drive 10 mins to an "adorable bookstore" (in the words of my mom).

I don't like to feel like I've missed anything so I'll probably try to find all the pools on the property. Ride my bike on all the paths that are possible. Find the best spot to catch sunset. I might even cook a location inspired dinner. Do fish and plantains go together? I also have a strong craving for donuts and feel like this place might have some good ones.

Moving Breaking Point


I'm at that point in the moving process where I probably hate you if you ever gave me a present. 

Why do I have so much stuff? Why doesn't it look like I'm closer to be doing done?

I think I've officially given up on the kitchen. I'm now willing to pay the movers to pack that for me. I am going to try and not be embarrassed when they see that I have heavy water spots on my glasses or didn't thoroughly clean the lid to my skillet. 

This is the current state of the union. There is a light at the end of the tunnel... and it's tomorrow when 10 more boxes arrive from Amazon. I'll just be putting anything in a box and labeling them all "stuff".

My Current Packing Moment


About two weeks ago, I bought 20 boxes off Amazon. 10 "office" size and 10 medium. If you count the boxes that they came in, plus a few others I've accumulated I think I have 25. I am relatively determined to move in these 25 boxes. I am ONE PERSON.

But, I'll be honest. I'm beginning to panic. Why do I have so much stuff? I have 8 coasters. These are small but still that feels like a lot. Here is a list of things that I can't believe I have to pack.
  • my wine rack is full
  • my terrarium (filled with shells. not plants. because I killed them)
  • my pirate sword
  • my decorative tray where the coasters sit
  • Eleanor's litter box
  • my EXTRA duvet fill
  • my basil and mint planters (filled with dirt)
  • my spice drawer (like 25 baby food jars. I don't even want to know what happens when I don't pack well and they all break open)
  • my "liquor" cabinet (these bottles are heavy. seriously.)
How am I dealing with all this? I packed like three boxes last weekend rather enthusiastically. I listed the contents on the outside and even thought I would get cute and number them. After box #4, I've stopped including the contents at all. I figure I'll just remember what's inside.

Early on in this process when I came upon something that I didn't feel like packing I was just like "oh, I'll just carry that over". I had this rationale for all the things in my bathroom. My curtains. My stash of Pelegrino. This rationale is heavily flawed.

The smartest decision I made? I hired someone to clean my new apartment and line all the kitchen shelves. He's coming tomorrow at 5pm and only requested that I bring a toilet brush. I can handle that.

Btw. I'm moving on Tuesday morning. Dan the mover said they'll be here between 8 and 8:30 in the morning. This apartment is still very full and very not packed. If I ever move into a house, I'm never moving out of it. The idea of packing more than this (e.g. children and their toys) is just far too much for me to ever handle.

Here are some past times that I've moved. 2010, I moved into storage for a bit. 2011, I moved into the North End and found a table saw in my living room. And why I'm moving in 2014.

one year ago ... and today


One year ago, I was doing this.

I've been thinking a fair bit about how I wish I was doing that again... and now. I miss Italy. But, I'll go back... and I'll eat just as much gnocchi, prosciutto, and prosecco ... if not more.

Instead of going to Italy this April, I've been filling my time with other things... like finding an apartment and moving. Today, I officially got the keys to my new apartment. I keep waiting to hear the catch. The apartment has wood floors, exposed brick, and is a block from the water. Plus, there is a giant window sill for Eleanor to sit on and watch people walk by. People aren't the same as birds... and I'll certainly miss this tree outside my bedroom ... but I'm really excited.
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