Crusted haddock with apple, fennel and toasted pepitos


I can't believe how long it has been since I actually cooked in my apartment. Over the summer I made a handful of meals, but I'm really talking slightly fancy avocado toast, homemade mayo, and different iterations of naan pizza. No complaints really here... but as I was standing over my stove sautéing onion and fennel, it just fundamentally felt right.

In the past four or so years, I've targeted cooking 52 recipes a year... and I really made it like every year but this one. The wheels just fell off the wagon a bit. I'm not sure that I'll get back to 52 again but it is a nice goal... and gets me to try new things like this recipe here.

I picked up the original recipe for Apple and Fennel soup from a Whole Foods flyer in the South End. I was walking through on Friday night hiding from the rain and it caught my attention. I stuffed this sucker into my bag and pulled it out on Saturday morning. I opted to make this sucker two ways: (1) normal soup and (2) slight reduction of the apple/fennel base... and top it with a seared haddock.

Farewell Vienna // Day 14


With only two-ish days left in the vacation, things are beginning to slow down. The last couple days of this trip are a little different than initially intended. I had some hopes of getting to Hallstatt because … everyone loves a picturesque mountain side lake. However, with the border refugee situation it didn’t make as much sense to criss-cross the country.  That's fine. I'm not sure the next time I'll come back to Vienna but you never know. 

Today was a balance of two cities as we left Vienna and returned to Munich. Originally we had planned on an easy 4 hour train ride straight from Vienna to Munich.... but the border situation dramatically impacted that. While the trip from Germany to Austria is relatively organized... and even included a sponsored bus ride across the border, the reverse was the opposite. Although information has largely been sparse for this entire experience, there was even less for the return (Austria to Germany). Too many unknowns pretty much forced our hand into booking flights. 

Underwater Lakes + Door Decor // Day 13


I'm almost always most content and happy when I'm in nature. Clearly I've become invested in Vienna's city doors and architecture... but I was ready for a slight change of scene. My original plan was actually to visit Budapest - but our hotel concierge very quickly put a stop to that. Just because you can buy a ticket somewhere doesn't mean you should visit. Another hiccup due to the refugee crisis in Europe.

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