coconut dream scones


I get a lot of magazines at my house - like more than 10, maybe more than 15... and to be honest, it used to be almost 20. But one of my favorite things in the world is just to sit and read in the sun. Since I rarely pay more than $10-$15 for a subscription, I never feel guilty for not reading every article. I just try to get one new thing out of each issue. A new recipe, house idea, gift idea, DIY, fun fact, etc. Just one thing. 

But lately, I haven't been reading as much and the pile is getting out of control. It's excessive and there is a strong potential that I have an avalanche in my living room. So last week when Real Simple came in the mail, I immediately put it in my bag to read on the train. I wasn't 10 pages in when I saw the most beautiful scones in all the world. I am going to call them coconut dream scones ... but in reality they are called coconut cream scones with a hint of lime. I've made a lot of scones over the past 5 years but these are hands down in the top 5. So flipping amazing.

honey cinammon blueberry scones


I whipped up these scones for a casual morning breakfast with some married friends. I'm not sure how many varieties of scones I've made at this point but this was a new one. I had stumbled across some Instagram post  from Terrain about honey scones and they just looked amazing. The scones of your dreams. It helps that Terrain can make just about anything look beautiful - but I was inspired.

So Inspired, that I started making the scones before really checking that I had all the right pieces. But once you've grated a stick of butter there is no turning back - just press onward and see how it goes. My biggest hiccup was that I was plum out of most ideal milk options. I didn't have regular milk - only almond milk. So I went pretty unconventional. I used almond milk and then a packet of instant buttermilk. It was fine - but good scones love two things in my mind. Cold butter and good "thick" liquids. In the past, I've used everything ranging from cream, 2% milk, sour cream, and buttermilk. So almond milk was not ideal but it worked fine. Any scone is better than no scone.
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