Goal: Geocaching {Part 1}

Like most people, I have a pretty active work week. I like to think I take mine to the next level by doing it in the big Apple.... but I'm probably being dramatic. One of the best things about the ginormous apple is that it affords me the opportunity to try new things. As a result, when the weekend comes around I often want to just sit, be calm, and recharge. However, the great weather this past weekend really inspired me to get out there and take advantage of the sun. Perfect opportunity to check something off my bucket list...

So, geocaching it is! Don't know what geocaching is? Check out this video:

Essentially its like treasure hunting but with GPS. Little brother is a Boy Scout and seemed like the perfect companion for wandering the woods for a few hours.

All I needed for this project was to download a Geocaching app on my Android phone. Pretty cheap adventure if you ask me.

Stay tuned for some pictures and video of the day... but here is a teaser:
That is a mighty big rock in the middle of the woods.

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