Oh, how I love gifts from the ocean!

The arrival of spring and porch season has also brought me thoughts of summer and beach walks.

Any walk on the beach to me is an adventure in looking for still perfect shells or bits of sea glass glittering in the sun {see summer 2010 beach post}. Love gifts from the ocean! Last summer I got my hands on a unique sea glass necklace from a local artist. I wear it really regularly in an attempt to perhaps channel warm beach weather - that coincide with vacation days.

I've gotten a few compliments recently on the necklace and although I'd like to be the only one with one, I figured I'd share a few Etsy links where other people could buy their own.
$34.25 + shipping
The key to searching for this unique item is to add the word "lip" as this is how the top of the bottle is described (I guess). This type of sea glass is crazy rare, so I'd snap it up if you are interested in it. If I found one in blue, I'll be all over it like a grad student at a free food event.

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