Old-fashioned Fun

eggs and candy all over my bed!
I love the internet. You know this. I send emails daily, I like to blog casually, I count on Twitter to give me breaking news.... 

... but I love sending letters. It's like old fashioned fun.

I also love getting mail.... but hey, when you live in a Hilton its hard to get mail. So instead I send stuff to others occasionally.... and this past week it was to Baby Sister.

When Baby Sister was a junior in college, she went to Barcelona for a semester and missed celebrating Easter with the family. It wasn't until this time that I knew Easter was her favorite holiday. I think she even said she would have rather missed any other holiday than Easter... bold statement. 4th of July, Thanksgiving? Both great days. Apparently not as good as Easter in her book. {see her Barcelona Easter blog post}

So when I was trolling the local Walgreens before dinner, I stumbled upon the idea of sending her an Easter basket at work.... and here is the end result.


believe it or not.... I only ate 3 Reese cups during this entire process ... and about 15 peanut M&Ms.

all assembled and ready to be mailed

So if you happen to work for the Digital Marketing firm that Baby Sister works for in Boston, you'll have to swing by her cubicle cave and have an egg.

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