roasted pear and chocolate scones


My interest in making scones might be getting a little out of control - but I really won't apologize for it.

Scones are rising to the top of my list recently. It feels like you can put almost anything in them - which is why I like them so much. Kind of like the pizza, you can really use them to take care of any spare ingredients you have around the kitchen. This week my spare ingredients are pears. The pears were a gift from my grandfather. Sometimes when I call him walking home from work we talk about what he's been eating. Since he isn't much of a cook, he eats a lot of salads. Given his new found appreciation for baby spinach, I thought I might be able to sell him on kale. Not quite happening - but he did promise to try this salad if I make it.

He is rather sweet on pears - which I think are super weird and refused to bring into my house. So obviously, he gave me a half dozen. Turns out, I've been judging pears based on their looks. They aren't quite bad... but they are especially good in scones. I'm still going to pick other fruits over pears, but I'll hold back on the judging fruit based on its looks. Especially if you add just the right amount of mini chocolate chips.

white bean, sausage and kale soup

The winter is finally almost coming to a close but there is still a bit more time left for soup.

Two years ago, it feels like all I did was make soup ... and this year not so much. While I've been cooking a little bit more than the writing lets on, there has been minimal soup and minimal amounts of kale. Kale is one of the aspirational vegetables that I would often purchase on the weekend, but barely barely barely get around to using before it gets crazy wilty.

This time was very different. I was home for the weekend last week and envisioned this coming together when I walked in those automatic grocery store doors. I did a little googling to make sure I wouldn't miss anything big in terms of ingredients and was on my way. BTW, it's amazing how much more affordable suburban groceries are. Clementines are pretty much always $5.
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