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Tonight I had planned to write about bacon jam or how I'm decorating for Christmas. But instead, I ate roasted brussel sprouts and left a long voicemail for my friend Ria. I leave terrible voicemails that are all sorts of rambly and not focused. (Kind of like this blog post?) I call with one thing to say, then I get distracted and next thing I know I've hung up the phone and it's been a minute and a half. Whoopsies. 

I'm still doing some thinking about things that might turn into posts but in the meantime it seemed worthwhile to capture some of the recent activities.

Mexican Turkey Soup


The best part about Thanksgiving is that you almost already know what you are getting before the day  even starts. The turkey is the family recipe, mashed potatoes are how the family likes them, and the same goes for the consistency of the squash and whether or not there is a green bean casserole.

Maybe you come from a family that likes variety .... but I think that's probably a lie. 

bomb-tastic bagels


I've got a few blog posts in the works. There has been a fair amount of cooking in the works that I'm trying to document ... but I'm behind schedule. Pretend to be shocked. I'm in the process of writing up some crockpot chicken recipes ... BACON JAM ... and maybe some roasted brussel sprouts.

But, since it's Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to knock two things off my list that I love to do:
(1) make a family breakfast
(2) make a recipe that I've had on my list for months

I come from a carb loving family. We love muffins, bagels, toast ... but especially bagels. On Sunday mornings, my Dad comes home with a pile of bagels and multiple times of cream cheese and perhaps a pound of bacon. He is known around the block for what he calls his "Minot McMuffin" sandwiches ... which is a fried egg, bacon and cheese on a bagel.

So let me introduce you to bagel bombs. More specifically .... everything bagel bombs stuffed with bacon cream cheese.

Welp, I'm addicted.


I have a problem. It's called nutella.

Snack foods don't stand a chance in my house. I try to not buy cheez-its because they have a shelf life of two days. I can normally get a bag of pretzels to last a week. But a bag of tostitos? three days... especially if they are the lime ones. I routinely shift the bag around so I can see all the chips and determine which ones have the most amount of lime flavor on them. I don't even care that you can "see" the flavor.

Cinnamon Book Bread ... from 2011


If you've ever read this blog before, you know that sometimes it takes me a long time to write things down. I mean to do it but then I get distracted with wine, the ocean, and maybe avoiding doing dishes.

But, this particular recipe has been listed as "coming soon" since July 4th .... 2011. That's 16 months.

So, I'm not going to mess around here. I'm going to tell you the facts about this bread:
  • it did not last long once it was fresh out of the oven
  • the stacking of the dough is not as orderly as it looks in the pictures
  • I would make this again in a heartbeat ... although it's clearly been 16 months and I haven't
Something about this bread says it's perfect for a family breakfast ... and given that we are fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't have much experience in Hanukkah or Kwanzaa but perhaps it would be good for that as well.

Let's get started ... it's been 16 months.

gluten free blueberry loaf

I'm not really into food fads .. unless of course it's bacon or sourdough bread. The idea of cutting something out of my diet completely is a bit terrifying to me. I'm not very good at self restraint unless there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That's why I'm pretty good at giving things up for lent. In the past I've given up celebrity  gossip, caffeine, and most recently bacon.

So this idea of going gluten free is confusing to me. I'm not even really sure what gluten is.

I ended up attempting this gluten free blueberry loaf because I was grabbing drinks with a friend who lives in a gluten free house. Her hubs has a gluten allergy and well, it just seems mean to make something for her that he can't eat and needs to stay in the car. 

Spanish Chicken Stew

I tend to source my recipes from the interwebs ... which is a sin considering how many cookbooks I have on my apartment shelves. Yes, plural.

I love looking at cookbooks but rarely crack a page open to when looking for inspiration. I fall in love with the pictures ... but then tend to forget that they exist.

I have found that I get the most amount of use out of cookbooks that follow a "theme" and by theme I mean ... my slow cooking cookbook. While it may not seem like a lot, I have now made a handful of dishes from this one book. thus far I can check off: chicken tagine, garlic chicken, seared tuna steak, and now Spanish Chicken Stew.

Hidden Boston Gems


I'm not totally clear why it was over 60 degrees in November today ... but it was.

I took excellent advantage of the day ... and my proximity to the harbor. 

I started off with a breakfast sammy from a new place ... called My Cousin's Place. I consumed said sammy whilst sitting on a bench overlooking the harbor. The sammy was made on a real english muffin ... not a generic one. And, it was a sandwich sized version ... which made the bacon egg and cheese just delightful.
Then I returned to my apartment to do some emailing, file organizing, and calendar invite accepting. Busy day.

Spinach and Lentil Soup


I'm always willing to try something new.

And, it's soup season bitches. So, let's all get on this carby liquid diet. Let's be real. I'll never be on a diet.

I first saw this soup on Feed Me Phoebe's blog soon after I got back from the pig roast in Vermont. Phoebe was part of the pig crew. You can see her in the YouTube video... and on a reality tv show called Chef Race.

fall in the park


Today I woke up a little bit hungover. I guess that's what happens when you are 29.

I vividly remember consuming many more drinks during grad school and before that ... with minimal repercussions  Now? I require 2 hours of Hulu / Netflix followed by a Theo's breakfast sandwich. Not either, but both. 

I ate my breakfast sandwich at my favorite spot on the Harborwalk in the North End. Thanks to Sandy, I had to sit on a bench since all the Adirondack chairs have been removed. Boo to that. 
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