My little bits of Heaven


I've had a very social weekend with some great friends. Its good to keep busy and I think I've had a busy few days.

One thing that I have done twice this weekend is have bagels with friends. There are very few things in life that I find more enjoyable than an everything bagel toasted with light cream cheese.

Two of my most recent bagel moments:
  1. Bagel Friday with my friend Caitlin and sister on Newbury Street. Espresso Royale Cafe has whole wheat everything bagels... and they are awesome. Pair that with an ice coffee from L'Aroma and some good company.
  2. Sunday Hangout with my friend Meghan. Grabbed bagels from Cafenation and sat in a nearby park with her dog Dixie. 

This just seems silly ... What's on your head?

I saw this picture on and it just looks a wee bit silly.

I get it lady, your hat is awesome and you don't want it to get wet... but haven't you told your children that they shouldn't put plastic bags over their head?

Don't you think "your look" is ruined a bit by the plastic bag?

Doesn't it get hot in there?

My guess is she'd say "no" to all of the above.
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