Goal: Geocaching! {Part 2}

Things that I love. Free thing. Fun things.

Geocaching ended up being both. A win win in my book.

This past weekend I went geocaching with little brother and ended up having a really great time exploring an area that is incredibly close to my house. I set my sight on one cache in the Whitney and Thayer Woods called "Bigelow Boulder". I really didn't do much advance research besides download the app to my Droid and find one potential cache.

Little Brother and I parked in the Trustees of Reservations parking lot and set out into the woods with my phone and one cookie to split. We ended up splitting the cookie less than 5 minutes into the expedition but that didn't hold us back from having a good time. I honestly have no idea how far we ended up walking during our two hours in the woods but we had a great time.

A few ways we brought technology into our nature / outdoors activity:

  1. the welcome sign (not center, just a sign) didn't have any maps left. so we took a picture on my Droid and used that when we felt we needed to gain some perspective of where we were in the reservation. super helpful.
  2. brought my small Canon Point and Shoot camera so we could run around a bit. since it also has a video function, I didn't have to bring my flipcam as well. win win.... which means we have video. you know how this family loves video.
  3. we "checked-in" to each of the geocaches on geocaching.com. the website allows you to see how "active" the caches are and what other people have had to say about finding them. really helpful for newbies since we didn't want to try and find a cache that might not still be there.
  4. I added "Bigelow Boulder" to Foursquare. Since it was our first cache sighting... and lets face a really giant rock, I thought it was worth the add. Little brother is just about 5 feet tall now... so do the math. One big rock.

All in all we had a really great afternoon of adventure and managed to find two caches. The other one was at "Rooster Rock" which is shown more in the video. I didn't try to climb Rooster rock... nor did I try to climb Bigelow... but I did set my sights on a much smaller rock... and was still unsuccessful.

Below you can see some of the pictures that we took and the short video.

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