memorial day wrap


It's hard to believe that it is almost the weekend again ... but I'm thankful for that.

There is something quite phenomenal about long weekends and Memorial Day came at the right moment. Nothing crazy, just the right moment for an extra couple hours away from Microsoft Outlook, pivot tables and sunset views from 12 floors above Boston.

I spent much of the three day weekend doing pretty much nothing. I've been trying to run more... so I ran each day. I'm trying to get back into cooking ... so I cooked three new things of which this was one. I'm trying to step back from my computer and phone ... so I did more reading in the hammock. I'm also trying to get into meditation ... so there is that. Long story short, it was pretty restorative and just what I think we all needed.

triple berry breakfast bread


It's Memorial Day weekend... so I'm busy.

Today I traipsed around the yard, cut the lawn, took a run, made some pasta salad... and this triple berry breakfast bread. There isn't really that much to say about this bread ... except that you shouldn't think of it like a cinnamon bun. 

Because you put an egg yolk in the dough, it feels distinctly like an enriched dough ... and not sweet like a cinnamon roll. I could say this without doubt because I also had a cinnamon roll at the same time. The original recipe called for braiding this loaf and fresh berries... but I rarely follow directions. That being said, I think you should. Fresh berries are soften than frozen (obviously) and would allow you to get a better roll on the dough.

BTW. That plate? We made it as a family about 13+ years ago and it has all of our handprints on it.

weekend stuff & baby pea quinoa cakes


I'm slowly trying to get back to a place where I cook more.  While I am slowly feeling more settled in my apartment, there are two thing that always make a place feel like home. Cooking ... and stuff on the walls. All of my walls are currently empty.

But the quinoa cakes help. I pretty much followed this recipe from 2012 but added baby peas and maybe a few other little nuances. 

This weekend was mainly spent doing things that I want to do. I went for a run and ordered my favorite takeout on Friday night. I traipsed around the "country" all Saturday. I ate oysters with my excellent friends. On Sunday, I got a breakfast sandwich from my favorite place and read magazines for 2 hours by the water. Later in the day I went for a long run and politely stopped to help tourists with directions. Helping tourists is one of my secret favorite things. 

city gardening returns


One of the last things I moved from my old apartment were my fire escape pots.

The delay was in part because my previous landlord tried to steal the pots for himself ... which was less than cute. But now they are back in my possession and where they belong. I have grand visions of another productive gardening summer that consist of tomatoes, basil and mint. There are few things that feel as productive or satisfying as ripping some basil from the fire escape ... and turning it into pesto.

The pots currently overlook the street... and a cute little Italian place that exists right out my window. Something about all that seems rather perfect.

tomato tequila salsa ... and seared cod


Admittedly, I was making slow progress on unpacking my apartment. Slow by steady progress. Each trash day I tried to make sure I was tossing 2 empty packing boxes.

But the entire time, my kitchen looked like all the cabinets threw up dishes. It was terrible. So, for about a week and a half I've been eating goldfish and chicken finger takeout. No jokes. Then on Friday I hired some freelance copywriter slash philosophy major organize my kitchen. It was phenomenal. When I walked back in after 3 hours, I immediately wanted to make scones. But instead, I ordered more chicken fingers .... and saved my energy.

Sunday has always been my day for trying a new meal... and this one was no exception. It was also probably the first day that I really felt at home in my apartment. I had a Peapod delivery, I drank coffee in the morning while I watched the news, and I finally cooked. Last year for Cinco de Mayo, I made tequila butter ... this year I made a warm tomato tequila salsa. 

my new apartment


I've lived here for maybe 2 weeks now but it some ways it feels like less and more all at the same time.

Like any relationship, we are still learning about each other day by day.

The bedroom is phenomenally dark in the mornings. This is great for sleeping but not great for waking up. I used to spring out of bed at 6:15-30 every day ... now it's a struggle. I also have all the hot water my heart could desire. The downside of the hot water, the exposed brick, and even floors? Less storage everywhere. Everywhere being I used to have 4 closets and now I have 1...

The lack of storage resulted in me hiring a stranger off the internet to come and organize my cabinets for me. It was the best $75 I've spent in a long time. "Chris" asked me if I was able to help but I told that I had to "work on a deck". But what I really did was watch Hulu in bed and eat cheddar blasted goldfish. Turns out Chris thought a "deck" was an actual deck that you would sit on ... as opposed to a powerpoint deck. Different lives.
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