My First Trip to Brooklyn

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Last night, I took a great adventure to Brooklyn. I've heard great things about this place and hell, there is a Foursquare badge for this grand mystical place. I was meeting up with two friends at Caracas and looking forward to catching up. Little did I know that there was more than one Caracas location...

So I took an unexpected trip to the East Village... and while I was only there for a few minutes it seemed quite nice. Ooops.
I was making excellent time getting to Brooklyn until I got off at the wrong stop. The train from the East Village to Brooklyn is also pretty crowded. I guess the rumor is true that a lot of people live there and work in Manhattan. Sidenote: I've never been on such a rough subway ride as the minute between 1st Ave and Bedford Ave. Its the only time I've actually needed to hold on to the bars. I wasn't initially and had a slightly awkward moment when I bumped into a gentlemen who seemed to think I was trying to get into his backpack.

But! Once I did get to Caracas... it was really awesome. The pictures I took on my phone were super poor so I borrowed these from the interweb. (Thanks Interweb!) For an appetizer, we split these super tasty Tostones and for dinner I had the La Surena arepa. Oh, and two pitchers of caipirinhas.

Tostones Mochimeros $5.50
Fried Green Plantains topped with Mojito Mayo, a squeeze of lemon and white cheese
Tostones Mochimeros
La Sureña $7.50
grilled chicken and chorizo, with avocado slices and the classic and always enigmatic spicy chimi-churri sauce
La Surena - Source

In the event you were keeping track, I have checked-in twice in Brooklyn. So I need 23 more to get the "I heart Brooklyn" badge.

So truth serum? I actually got off the subway originally at Bedford Ave and thought I should have gotten off at 1st Ave. So I took the subway back to 1st ave and then realized I should have gotten off at Bedford Ave... so I took that rough L train ride 4 times.

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