It's officially gardening season


I've been pretty busy with house renovations so I just haven't been doing any writing here - but that will change. We are on week 33 of renovations... and that has to end at some point right? I hope so.

The upside and downside has been that I haven't been able to over obsess about my garden plans this year. I picked the tomato varieties super fast during a Burpee sale in January and haven't looked back. And while the weather hasn't been super warm yet, I pulled the trigger and started planting this past weekend. But before I put any babes in the ground, I used my handy dandy soil tester that my friend Meaghan sent me. I was VERY excited to try this out.
What's getting planted this year:
  • touchon carrots
  • spinach
  • kale
  • romaine
  • Japanese cucumbers
  • yellow egg squash
  • snap peas
  • kentucky beans
  • a whole bunch of tomatoes
  • herbs (mint, basil, chives, parsley, oregano, cilantro)
So what's different? A few things:
  • no onions. They are absolutely zero work but I don't do a good job using them
  • less Kale. I actually get the most value out of kale but I felt like I needed variety last year... so let's see how I feel about spinach. 
  • less carrots. same story as the onions - but they do freeze well so I should be better at them.
  • no radishes. 
I did make a few slight changes to the configuration as well. I had so many tomato plants last year but did the best job taking care of the ones actually planted in the garden. So this year? No extra containers. It's either planted in the garden or it's not happening.
Regarding the "whole bunch" of tomato varieties? I haven't completely determined which plants are getting duplicates but here are the 9 varieties this year. Obscene but true:
  1. black cherry (2017 graduate)
  2. Shimmer
  3. 4th of July
  4. midnight snack
  5. black krim
  6. black truffle (2016 and 2017 graduate)
  7. sweet tangerine
  8. big rainbow
  9. sunrise bumble bee

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