3 Things I Can't Live Without ... during a work day.

Rumor has it a woman's life is in her purse. Like she'd rather lose her arm than be disconnected from the life that she carries around with her in the the old handbag. I'm not sure I feel exactly the same way about my bags, but I do know that if I don't have a few fundamental items my work day totally falls apart. So, I've done some thinking and fundamentally I can't imagine getting through the work day without these three items. 

Bose Headphones
I don't think it would matter where I sit, I would still require headphones - but I definitely need them for my current work site. I sit in a bullpen area with about 20 other consultants and it can get rowdy loud in here. So the headphones allow me to block out the other activities and just get some stuff done. Confession? Sometimes I don't even put music on, I just slap on the headphones and do work. I guess, I need to include music as one of the items I can't live without.... but I can get that from Pandora, Amazon Cloud, or my iPad.

Hand Lotion
I always have one of the hotel lotions with me in my bag. I've been slowly savoring the
lotion that I got with Baby Sister at the Waldorf in Boca. Its one million times better than other hotel lotions. Side note: Hilton changed the products in the bathroom this week. I kind of felt like they should have told me this was happening - what if I really liked the Crabtree & Evelyn lotion? I didn't, but I still want to know in advance.
Lip Gloss
I probably have 4 chapsticks floating around in my bag. Maybe I'll count them soon... My
current favorite? This one from Artistry. I'm also a giant fan of this lip gloss in part because I won it from Rachael Passing Notes. I have no idea how this is different than other lip glosses I've procured over the years but I really like this one.... and it was FREE! I'll all about product attributes and it has three that I find creepy useful/awesome:
  • there is a little mirror on the side - perfect for applying without looking like one of those women that is preparing for Broadway while she's putting on makeup in a public place
  • there are these little LED lights in the cap/brush that light up when you open the lip gloss... so theoretically I could put this on in the dark. And by theoretically, I mean... I often creep out Baby Sister by walking into her dark bedroom and applying the lip gloss. She does not like this.
  • tingly lips! I have no idea what makes it tingle but I love it.
Items that almost made the list? My wireless mouse and bobby pins. By the end of the work day, I've pulled my hair is so many directions I might look like Helen Hunt in the middle of that tornado movie. The bobby pins help me look moderately pulled together as I hit the town for dinner.

Note: When I was looking for images for this posting, I googled "what's in my purse" to see if anything good would pop up. Apparently a lot of women take pictures of what is in their bag. Well, interweb.... you'd be super disappointed by my bag so I'm just not going to show it to you.

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