Weekend checklist = complete?

Little Brother in Summer 2004
 It's amazing how much writing my goals down has made me more accountable to getting them done... especially when you put them on the interweb and you only write down four.

My weekend to-do list was pretty simple and involved mainly doing things that I have been waiting to do for quite awhile (like consolidate all my digital photos). Since I told the interweb what I wanted to do, I figured I might as well follow-up with a summary of my accomplishments.

(1) organize.
Its rather incredible to think that I have 10 years worth of digital photos all organized. I consolidated all of my old files (songs, pictures, video, tv). A pretty great feeling... especially when I discovered a few gems that have reminded me of some great times. Like this one above of Little Brother at the beach... and there are even better ones where this came from.

(2) recycle.
I love these Mango Peeled Snacks... and they really appreciate you saving the bags and recycling them. So here you go, I am sending you back 27 mango bags.

(3) good ole exercise.
Not only did I go to the gym three times.... I also went geocaching with little brother in the woods. Posts coming soon on that! {I almost included links to my Foursquare history, but perhaps you can just trust me that I went?}

(4) organize. again.
I didn't get around to organizing all my cooking magazines - maybe that'll get done next weekend. Oops. Every time I come home the pile in the corner of my room seems to get bigger.

Alas, it was a really great weekend filled with sibling hangout time... playing at the local new hardware store (so suburban), planting flowers and herbs for the summer, and watching Pride & Prejudice.... twice.

win. win. and win.

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  1. He used to be such a nugget. Now, he is just a turd.


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