raspberry smores pavlova


While I love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, every now and then I get inspired to do something completely new. Not just like a variation of an old favorite - totally new. I felt this urge right around the 4th of July... so yes, this posting is nearly a month late.

I wanted to make something fun, different, and relatively seasonal. Just about this time I came across an Instagram of the perfect thing. A smores pavlova dessert. It would be relatively light but sugar sweet. Plus, it would give me the chance to use some of the fresh chicken eggs from my parents backyard. Fresh ingredients = best ingredients.

sweet sweet summer season

I honestly can't help myself when it gets to be Summer - or really even Spring for that matter. All I want in life is just to be outside, sun on my face, in a chair, iced beverages, and tending a garden. Is that asking too much?

If I'm being honest, sometimes I actually think twice about whether or not I want to attend a mid-afternoon meeting. That's the perfect time of day for sitting and reading. Or podcasting and walking. Or sleeping on a blanket. Or just about anything that isn't in front of a computer or by a conference room table.

refining the caprese salad


It's no secret that I love to cook. Not only it is often good for the budget, it also feels tremendously therapeutic. One of my favorite combos is to making a caprese salad and then eat it on my fire escape while I people watch. Hands down a magnificent evening for one. I say "for one"... because fundamentally my fire escape cannot accommodate more than just me given how many plants I have.

I used to get this amazing caprese salad from a place in the North End. Only one guy could make it so well... and it was just filled with mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic ... and prosciutto. Seriously heavenly. I don't get it anymore because of a few reasons of which one is that I moved to the other side of the neighborhood so it's too far of a walk. But mostly if we are being honest, it's because the price went up from "$5 for a pretty girl" to anywhere between $8 and $12.

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