Pants free since '93

Ok, not since '93 but I like things that rhyme.

Back in the Fall, I gave up wearing pants. Pants to work, I guess I should be more specific. It has made my traveling life a lot easier since I only have to pack 4 dresses instead of trying to figure out what goes with what, shoes, etc.

Perhaps I'm too practical, but when you are packing a suitcase every week, you look for any way to make the process easier and less time consuming.

I'm not sure if there are any other plus sides to giving up pants, perhaps I feel more like a lady sometimes? Perhaps?

Anyway. I'm always on the lookout for good work dresses that fulfill the following specifications:
  • no wrinkles
  • pockets
  • comfortable
  • match black heels
You'd be surprised how few dresses out there fit these specifications.

But, recently Ann Taylor had a killer 40% off sale and I picked up two dresses that fit these specifications 100% .... plus, one of them was polka dotted. HELLO BUCKET LIST!

Cascade Dots Print Dress
Anytime I saw something polka dotted in the stores, I always wondered if I could pull the trigger and do it and finally I did.

As you can see, I even wore it to work last Thursday. Truth be told, Baby Sister isn't too fond of the dress .... said I looked a bit to 1950s. I'm not sure I disagree with her but I still really like it. And hell, it has pockets. Win and win.

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