Mac&Cheese + Twitter

Why yes.... I am quite lucky.

I've blogged about Mac and Cheese several times before and how happy it makes me. Other things that make me happy? Fleece, coffee, sweatpants .... and winning prizes. A few weeks ago, I read an article on Mashable describing a recent promotion that Kraft was running for tweeting about Mac and Cheese. So, I tweeted to my hearts content.

FoleyJennifer @moranfo family pictures 2011? Matching @kraftfoods MAC & CHEESE shirts? 7:40 PM Mar 9th, 2011
FoleyJennifer @moranfo ... and then Mac & Cheese for lunch on Saturday? 6:25 PM Mar 9th, 2011
FoleyJennifer @moranfo thanks for the tip. Thankfully roomservice doesnt deliver MAC & CHEESE cause I would have been fat emotionally recovering from date 3:45 PM Mar 9th, 2011
FoleyJennifer @moranfo we are relentless. But I happen to know that you spill and your train is dark, would Mac & Cheese be a good idea for you? :) 11:24 PM Mar 8th, 2011
FoleyJennifer excellent @wakemate customer service. When I'm done blogging about my love of Mac&Cheese for a tshirt, I'll blog about my @wakemate again 11:14 PM Mar 8th, 2011
FoleyJennifer I'm going to tweet about MAC & CHEESE until the cows come home .... and I don't even live on a farm 9:31 PM Mar 8th, 2011
FoleyJennifer New life goal. Get a Mac & Cheese tshirt. 5:43 PM Mar 8th, 2011
FoleyJennifer This day just started to require comfort food. I could really use some good ole Kraft Mac & Cheese. 5:39 PM Mar 8th, 2011
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And then, for once in my life. I won.

I can't even begin to describe how mad Baby Sister was about me getting the prize... especially since she got nothing. But alas, at least someone from this Kraft loving household took home the prize. Well, the package from Kraft arrived recently and it was just as glorious as I expected it would be.

Yep, I blurred out my address. Don't need creepers finding me.
T-shirt.... and new Mac attack
Other parts of the shirt.... twitter hashtag and fancy arm art
The only thing I would change? I'd like a smaller shirt. Kraft probably thought I'd like a large so it could be like a gym shirt or comfy shirt or bed shirt. Wrong Kraft. I'd like to wear this sucker to bizness meetings. Now, I know that can't happen but perhaps if it was smaller I could sneak it under a cardigan and only I would know the secret.

So, in short.

Dear Kraft, Thanks for the 5 boxes of pasta goodness and super cool shirt. You made my day. If you could just send over two more, we could use them for next year's family pictures. Hugs, Jen

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  1. Ohhhh best package in the mail...ever!! Mac n' cheese. Can't go wrong there!


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