Busy living.


My mom has now asked me / commented on a few times that I haven't been blogging. And that's absolutely the truth. I clearly haven't. I really value and love this blog. It is one of my favorite sources of history and documentation about my life - but I'm kind of busy right now. I'm living summer as best as I can. (If you think I wrote that sentence wrong, that is exactly how I meant it).

I'm doing everything I possibly can to do the following:
- walk in the garden
- walk on the beach
- sit in the sun
- eat outside
- go to Dunkin Donuts with my brother
- make cold brew coffee for my mom
- read the papers my dad buys me on Sundays
- eat sandwiches at my childhood pool
- dunk in the ocean
- collect seaglass
- go to yoga
- text friends
- go blueberry picking
- eat hot dogs

Things that feel like a waste of summer:
- twitter
- youtube
- email
- anything on my phone that isn't the camera app
- watching tv during the daylight

This party I've been living is ending next week and honestly that is probably when I'll get back to writing for real. I have some great memories that would be nice to write down - but until then, I'm going to be outside as much as possible.
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