arugula pistou with hazelnut panko and summer veggies


I'll never forget the first time I made pesto. It was like any moment when Ariel from the Little Mermaid is singing. Magic. So when I learned this week that there is a French version of pesto called pistou, I was pretty surprised. Long story short? It's like pesto but without the cheese and thicker. I only know because I googled it and found a great article about it.

Another Garden Post


At this point, the question that really remains is how many garden updates can I write before the tomatoes ripen? I honestly would have thought the day would have happened already... but alas, no ripe tomatoes... HOWEVER, we are close!

I'm reluctant to call us halfway through Summer because that would be depressing to me. It is however probably a touch accurate in regards to the Summer gardening season. I'm beginning to think a bit about some plantings for a Fall garden. I've never tried this before and oddly enough nobody at Lowes / Home Depot / Burpee / Gardeners Supply seems to be pushing this agenda either. Maybe they know that all we really want is tomatoes and sun on our faces... and it's too hot to lay out more drip irrigation in the garden.

my favorite things outside


One of the best parts about living in the burbs is just how much outdoor time you can really have. This does potentially lead to many many trips to Lowes but it also leads to sun-kissed cheeks and slightly blonder hair. 

While I clearly love my whole garden, I think one of the best parts is certainly the "slate" walkway. I had spent so much time getting all those silly lobster bricks from the beach. I honestly thought I was done stealing things from nature. Then I realized I needed a path... or I would be weeding all the time.

Patriotic Stripe Cookies


It's a week after Independence Day and I'm still missing it. So much so that it's taken me about a lifetime to get around to posting this recipe.

I'm a huge fan of sugar cookies. They are a bit like bacon. You always need more than one and you rarely regret it. I normally make a cake of some sort for gathering occasions but kind of felt the need for something different. Something a little easier to eat that doesn't require a fork.

strawberry and blueberry ricotta lemon scones


God Bless America... and God Bless scones. Especially patriotic ones.

As I approached this holiday weekend, I obviously wanted to bake. Prior years have yielded some great recipes like Raspberry Smores Pavlova (2015), Dutch Pancakes (2012), a version of Strawberry shortcake (2012) or this Triple Berry Breakfast Bread (2014). But it's really hard to resist a scone variety. They are so easy to share... and eat all day long as snacks. 

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