Reunited with fresh air


A year ago I visited Norris River Reservation by myself one Fall afternoon. It was pretty great. I told myself that I'd be back soon. Heck, it was really close by and not streneuous ... at .... all. 

Then, I moved to the North End. And when I came home to my parents' house I refused to leave the neighborhood. Why walk in the woods when I could walk by the ocean? 

Saucy Successful Calzone

Yesterday my baby brother turned 14. Yikes right?

It's hard to believe that the little nugget is now closer to being able to drive than color inside (and outside the lines). In the tradition of birthday dinners, Baby Brother got to pick what he wanted to dine on. There was some back and forth but he ended up asking for calzone. He probably thought that meant we'd be ordering takeout ... but I wanted to give it a go. Plus, this fits within the trend of me attempting to make something that I love to buy (meatballs, english muffins, foccacia).

Since we are a family of 5, I gathered that meant I'd be crafting two calzones. The great part about calzone it is essentially just a blank canvas for whatever you feel like. You want veggies? Go for it. You craving some meats? Load it up. 

my handmade Abe


You know when you are in a new relationship and all you want to do is just talk about the new person in your life?

You are looking for ways to just slip their name casually into discussions. Or, your friends catch you smiling at your phone in the middle of a windowless conference room. There is nothing good about that room, but you were just scrolling through pictures in your phone and there was  Blah Blah in all his glory.

Or, you end up out of town for a few days ... and all you can think about is how Blah Blah is faring without you. He can't possibly be existing. But it's fine because you'll be home soon and you and Blah Blah will have plenty of quiet time to enjoy each others company.

Well folks, I'd like to introduce you to Abe. My Christmas tree and I love him. He's a tree and he likes sprite and aspirin. Yes, that's for real.

Corn Griddle Cakes ... with honey butter.


A few weeks ago, I started to research how to make my own English muffins. I figured that anything that I love as much as those suckers, I should at least attempt to make once. So, I picked up some cornmeal and... since then it's just been sitting in my cabinet. Bummer.

But, this past weekend I had a small Christmas party at my apartment and someone who knows me all to well ... gave me bacon as a hostess gift. SERIOUSLY. So, when I woke up on Sunday morning all I could think about was that bacon, a giant endless mug of coffee, and <insert carb with butter>.

(delayed) status update


I'm currently sitting at the airport in .... Ohio / Kentucky.

My flight is currently two hours delayed and all I want to do right now is be looking at some Christmas cheer in NYC. Instead, the seat that I found near an electrical outlet is conveniently located near the moving walkway ... which announces about every 15 seconds "caution the moving walkway is ending". It's killing me slowly.

I haven't written in about a week so I figured I'd use this opportunity to do a little update. I'm feeling a little negative nelly right now and will use this as an opportunity to remind myself of why I'm one lucky duck.

Sometimes all that it takes to make me happy is some good tv and a big ole bath tub. Even if it is in Ohio.

5:40 AM flights are terrible. Nobody should have to put on tights at that hour of the day, it's inhuman.... thankfully, you can score a great sunrise.

I did a little math ... and I've made approximately 208 peanut butter cookies since mid-October. 

Post annual sisterly Christmas party breakfast .... and the corn griddle cakes are a new recipe. Oh, and that bacon.... it was a hostess gift. My friends know me too well.

Just your average mid-week dinner of Kraft Mac and Cheese .... by the glow of my Christmas tree. Man, do I love that baby.

Sibling photo from the Christmas party this past weekend. Yes, we are matching. That's how we roll.

So I'm going to continue to work on being positive while I wait for my flight to change from "delayed" to "boarding". I will get to NYC tonight, I just won't get there when I wanted to. That's okay. What isn't okay is that my tights are slowly sinking further and further down my legs ... like they do on toddlers. 

You win some, you lose some.

PB Molasses Heath Chip (Amazing) Cookies


It's swapping season ... internet style.

I signed up for this food blogger cookie swap back in mid-October .... and now nearly two months later.... I can finally write up the recipe I lovingly crafted for it. The premise of the swap is that you have to make something that is original to your blog ... but not necessarily original to you. I wanted to push myself a little bit so I made something that is new to me as well.

Let's be clear... I didn't exactly break the mental bank on this one. But, I do think these tasty delights are original and pretty great. I have eaten them for breakfast several times and that's really what counts.

So, let me introduce you to ... Peanut Butter Molasses Heath Chip Cookies.

chorizo and lentil soup


Earlier in the year I made a sweet potato and sausage soup. I made it because I thought it would fulfill my love of meat and carbs in a liquid based dish. Spoiler alert. It didn't. It was so mediocre that I couldn't even be compelled to write about it. 

I'm still taking credit for it on my 52 in 52 challenge. I make the rules. 

Then at some point last week I was like "WAIT A MINUTE. SAUSAGE AND LENTILS. SAUSAGE AND LENTILS". I mean maybe there weren't capitals in my head but you get the point.

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