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Oh for you fashionable people you might have thought I was referring to a fashion trend. Silly.

In an effort to consolidate and clean up my digital life, I've been organizing files and deleting duplicates.... all very exciting things. It just makes me feel better knowing that all my pictures and videos are organized.... and that in the event something happens I won't lose my entire collection of Ashlee Simpson music.

As part of these efforts, I noticed that I had a lot of songs that contained the word "breathe" in the the title. Fourteen to be exact.
Then I started to realize that a significant portion of these songs were from the artists "debut" album... or singles that they released. I didn't do the math on it but it made me curious about how many songs there were out there that had "breathe" in the title.

Neither Amazon or iTunes was really helpful in this search.... but here is a rough go at it.
An advanced search on Amazon's downloadable MP3s revealed 10,778 songs that contained the word "breathe". Now, as you can see from the screenshot there are some in there that have the word in the album those don't count in my opinion.

I guess I really don't have a point here except that I thought it was interesting that there were a whole lot of songs titled "Breathe" and that a lot of them came from new artists. In my case of the 14 songs, 8 of them came from the first time I bought that artist's music.

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