Today I am thankful for ....

... my girlfriends.

A few months ago, I blogged in my 200th post that coincided with my "blogaversary" about the changes that have happened in the last year. At that time, I mentioned how the highs of the past year were my incredible friends, getting my MBA, and making some really great memories. Don't worry all still obvious apply to me currently.

I've been reflecting that past week or so about my life. And despite the some of the lows in the last year, I can't believe how lucky I am in general. A year ago, I was finally beginning to see the "light" shall we say on how happy life could and should actually be. I'd been in a relationship for quite awhile and it was failing. I'd put it akin to beach erosion. There were several "storms" that had been slowly eating away at the "beach" leaving me to look at the gaping holes were happy thoughts and memories had previously existed. Ultimately, I saw the light and realized I deserved more... much more.

In all of this, I've stockpiled some incredible memories with friends of weekends away, hilarious email chains filled with inside jokes, and phone conversations while I wandered the aisles of CVS or Shaws. I'm so excited for more memories as we plan more reunions whether they be centered around a royal wedding, weekend getaways, or just because its been too long.

In closing... just a little something that makes me smile.

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