my christmas + new years card

What a weird year. I had "Christmas Card" on my list for literally months. I normally start gathering pictures in early November, sent to the printer by Thanksgiving and cards in the mail shortly after that. I'm so eager to get them in the mail that I put regular stamps on the cards instead of postcard ones. 

This was a different year - not a bad one, just different.

My phone is filled with pictures but not of anything really. We essentially stayed home from March on and so there are no football games, trips to Maine, or random lunches out. But that didn't make it any less special of a year. 

After years of using Minted for my cards, I actually designed my own with Canva. I wasn't trying to be more affordable - but it certainly was :-). I love this years card. It feels very appropriate. Here are some quick thoughts on the pictures starting with the top left and moving clockwise.

  • Sunrise // I made it to less sunrises this year I think than in 2019. I think that is in part because I skipped all the ones with questionable weather. 
  • boat // Some really picturesque boat rides in the harbor this summer. "Thankfully" my brother lost his internship to covid, so he was around for nearly all of them. Half way through the summer we started a "boats and bagels" trend which was very productive. A morning cruise of the harbor with bagels and then the rest of the day to enjoy summer.
  • ginger on the beach // Ginger is very consistent. Her tail is always wagging. She always wants to be on the beach and she always wants to make friends with people. 
  • Kerrianne on the vineyard // In June, Kerrianne and I slipped away to the Vineyard for a couple days. It was one of the best moments of the entire year. We explored a trail that we had never been on despite having been to the Vineyard for nearly 30 years.
  • fresh air walk // this might have been the year that I spent the least amount of time on the trails. I'd like that to be better in 2021 but honestly any time spent getting fresh air is better than no time.
  • sunset stroll // a whole lot of time spent walking around my neighborhood. Depending on when I took my walks, I would often run into my dad in the morning or my mom in the afternoon. One of my favorite things was honestly just see them walking together and not even say hi. It felt like spying.
  • eleanor on the porch // year two of our beloved screen porch. I was working more this year so less time scrolling the internet with morning coffee, but still super peaceful and one of the best investments of 2019.
  • grandfather's birthday // who doesn't love a good cake? I can't remember what I made here. This is why I need to be better about writing down the recipes.
  • garden time // I spent probably more time in the garden this year than others, but absolutely no time writing about it. My flowers did really well this year. Less butterflies than in 2019 but I've got a plan to improve that for 2021. Goal is to get less bee stings however. I did not enjoy those.

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