Happy (fluffy) Easter

It can't be a bad day when the weather is 73 and sunny .... and baby chicks show up at your doorstep.

Another great part about Easter Sunday... porch season was back in full swing. We sat on the back porch and ate some tasty monkey bread that I made for breakfast. I'm not sure exactly how it became known as monkey bread. There is nothing about it that says "monkey" to me.
All baked and fresh from the oven.... ready to be flipped over.
I love stone walls. I think monkey bread looks like a stone wall.
Can you resist that drizzle of delish breakfast goodness?
The rest of the day was spent doing the following but in no specific order:
  • napping on the porch
  • going for a run by the ocean
  • eating "dinner" at 1pm
  • holding baby chicks
  • "facetime"-ing with a lovely friend who lives on the west coast
Oh... and I named one of the chicks "Edward". It just felt right. And no, I'm not a Twilight / vampire / crazy person. I've never touched the stuff (stuff being vampire bizness) and I'm not starting now.
... and of course the traditional family Easter egg hunt in the front yard.

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