My afternoon snack


Using my new "china" .... for those that know me, I like to use paper plates so I don't have to do dishes. I know shame on me for the environment.

So, its some greek yogurt, with blackberries, walnuts, and honey drizzled.

This is my new comfort food.

Apartment Hunt Update

Epic fail.

Remember when I talked about looking at apartments yesterday? Well, they were all failures.

I'm going downtown again this morning to have bagels with my friend Caitlin and my sister. They are both pretty awesome - so its worth getting up early to hang out with them before they go to work.

Maybe I'll get lucky and see another apartment before I come home!

On my way to the T yesterday, I was walking down the street and it was so pretty. Is it so much to ask that I get to live on a street that looks like this?

This just seems silly... Square fruit?


I saw this article on Huffington Post about how some farmers are selling square watermelons. That seems just a little bit off right?

If you check out the article they have some more pictures showing how they make them square.

I haven't bought a whole watermelon in awhile, but I can't imagine it costs more than $5 ... maybe $10 if its organic. These square watermelons sell for $75 - and I can't imagine wanting to pay 7x for square fruit.

Beautiful Day

I've been a naughty blogger ...

I apologize for the absence but apparently graduating from b-school takes up some time.

I'm downtown today enjoying the gorgeous weather and actually looking at a potential apartment. It will probably be a dud.... but you never know.

On my way here, I decided to get off at the Arlington and walk through the Public Gardens. It was so nice and there were so many people enjoying the nice day. Here are a few pictures I snapped on my way to Starbucks in Beacon Hill.

I have a big head



When I was younger and in dance recitals, it was always a little bit traumatic when the hats never fit my head. I wish I had a picture of myself in one of those rediculous getups but alas, I'm in my apartment not my parents' living room filled with photo albums.*

So... when I got an evite to my friend Will's Kentucky Derby party .... I cringed... a little bit. This would mean I would need to wear a hat. [insert significant internal gasp here]. 

But, I got to work quickly and found something that I hope works ... after all the description said "SIZE  FITS ALL -  SMALL TO LARGE !". Although I'm always a little suspicious of something that is described as one size fits all. How can that possibly work?

Not that it matters, but here is a picture of the hat I procured from eBay last night. Can't wait for it to arrive and we can see if one size really does fit all.

*One of my goals for this summer is to make a significant dent in scanning our family pictures so things like this never happen again :) I want to be able to share embarrassing family photos on a whim.

I'm a bit crazy ...

Knowing it is half the battle right?

So, it shouldn't be too big of a surprise that I noticed my sleeves of saltines were not equally filled. My diet the last few days has been pretty heavy on the Gatorade and saltines, so I'm unclear whether or not my uneven saltines is a trend or a one off occurrence.

I'm sure there are some statistics out there about how often these counts are off - and people get "cheated" out of something they've paid for - but I'm not going to look for them. I don't need another reason to be crazy.

P.S. I may or may not have counted my bobby pin package at CVS before purchase to ensure that I get the intended amount.... I know... I have a few screws loose.

The Ideal Pillow ... that I'll never buy


I recently found myself on an airplane and was obviously checking out the Sky Mall catalog like I usually do. I didn't really see anything new or different since the last time I had flipped the pages. I do have a few favorites from prior flights, like the foot tanner for $200+ as you see below. I'm pretty sure the day I buy this product should also be the day someone takes away my ability to make decisions.

One product that I think falls right in the Sky Mall niche is this pillow that I actually saw on Gizmodo today. Its a pillow meant for people like myself that like to put their arm under the pillow.
Although I'm sure that I'll never drop 100 bones for this privilege.... I can't wait for Ikea to come up with their own version and I'll contemplate paying $10 for. I do feel like your average pillow case would probably ruin the functionality of this odd gap made just for your arm .... but maybe Ikea can help me with that as well.

Time for another good video

My friend Meghan sent me this link this weekend - and the video is pretty funny .... especially if you are an MBA student like myself. Our days are full of bschool jargon that sometimes is just plain comical.

I tried to embed this video - but this is the best I can do. Sit back and enjoy.

I do have some favorite buzzwords that I like to throw around. Being in school, some people do take advantage of buzzwords in attempt to fill the void of having no idea what they are talking about.

For your next meeting, perhaps you'd like to check out one of these sites that allows you to create your own BINGO board filled with popular buzz-words.

This is a weird farm animal


Its been a few days since I posted last and its in part because I've been on another epic adventure. I took a few days and road-tripped with some friends to Virginia for a softball tournament. (More to come on that in a few days)

Needlessly to say, I'm tired. The Commonwealth of Virginia will never be the same.

Upon perusing the interweb this morning, I stumbled upon this super weird article about a "sheep pig. I haven't had much time to research it, but perhaps you do and would like to post your thoughts and learnings as a comment to this post :)

Here is a link to another article:

The sheep-pig pulling the wool over everybody's eyes...

Maybe I should watch more late night tv...


So while I was delaying packing for the Darden MBA Softball Tournament ... apparently its more difficult than I expected to gather all of my school apparel and put granola bars in a bag? ... I watched some Jimmy Fallon.

I rarely watch late night tv, because I turn into an 83 year old woman at like 10:30 and get super tired. I know ... lame.... right?

But... tonight ..... I did.

Magicians freak me out - especially in person - and this one was no different. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hindsight is 20/20

Tiger Woods probably wishes he had downloaded "TigerText"

The essential principle of this is that you can send a text message and after a predetermined amount of time the message expires and you don't have to worry about it being used against you - theoretically. I haven't been able to try this service since the Blackberry app is in limited release ... maybe one of my iPhone friends wants to give it a shot.

I usually like to embed the videos for you - but CNN apparently likes to disable that feature. But if you click on this lovely link you'll see a video about this service.

I am thoroughly entertained by the fact that the makers of Tigertext say it has nothing to do with Tiger Woods. Really?



I hate when food flavors and descriptions lie to me. I'm a pretty willing consumer and I like to be considered an early adopter whether it be about technology or potato chips. While actually does make my heart flutter, nothing makes me feel as good as snack food (except the day I got my Mac Book).

I'm always looking for new foods to try ... and this has lead to me to a few great loves. Pop Chips were a great find. So were Crispy Green snacks... I particularly liked the peaches and the apricots.

So when my friend Ria recently recommended Gnu Bars to me, I was pretty much on board. Ria is a big fan of the Orange Cranberry which to be honest has a very serious orange cranberry smell. She actually did a whole blog post about her love of the Gnu Bars (link here). Thankfully Gnu has built sample packs with each of the 7 flavors for $10.95. 

The first bar I tried was Banana Walnut - delicious. Huge Fan. The second bar I tried today .... Peanut Butter .... not as good.

There is no remnant of peanut butter flavor in this bar. I'm not saying I'm not a fan of Gnu bars ... because so far I am - but it is a complete lie in my mind to say this is a peanut butter bar.

Thankfully, my salad was phenomenal .... and overcompensated for the flavorless Gnu Bar.

I'm terribly immature


But this commercial is phenomenal.

I saw it on Ellen this morning when I was at the gym - and I nearly fell off the treadmill.

Watch it, Love it... and cherish the fact that it is real.

Link to the Butt Drugs website... in the event the video wasn't enough

Don't leave your stuff unattended...

cause I might make this your background.
My sister left her computer unattended today while we were studying at Cafenation. I chose to help her realize that nobody will say anything when people are stealing or touching your stuff.

I saw my open opportunity and quickly googled "ugly people pictures" on my laptop and when I saw my target ... jumped on her computer.

Another thing. This guy's name is Randall Russell or perhaps Russell Randall - I'm guessing .... since that is the name that comes up when you save the image. Poor guy. He doesn't even know how much joy he brought me today.

Goals: Update


On March 30th, I wrote a post about wanting to get a visitor to my blog from each of the 50 states.

I figured I should update you on my progress a mere two weeks after my goal announcement.

Here is the 3/30 map:

Here is the current day map:

Check out the new additions!

Hello Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania!

We are currently at 16 states ... only need 34 more to go. Oops :)

Silly Golf Announcers

I don't often catch SNL ... and last night was no exception. But I did see this clip on Hulu and I thought it was post worthy.

Tina Fey, I think you are hilarious.

I'm also thankful that they didn't put that ridiculous Justin Beiber in this skit.




Jerry York is a classy guy... and I don't think his hair ever moves ... even when they win a SHUT OUT national championship against a team that beat them in the same game in 2006.

A quick fact:
BC won national titles in the following years: 1949, 2001, 2008, and now 2010.

Of which, each of the years that I've been alive has been pretty significant for me.
  • 2001 - the year I started at BC!
  • 2008 - the year I went back to BC!
  • 2010 - the year my sister and I will both graduate from BC!

    If it ain't broken ...

    ... don't fix it. Right?

    Well sometimes I like to mess with things ... and there are little benefits to that I guess.

    A few weeks ago, I decided that my seltzer water wasn't getting cold enough. So, I checked the temperature gauge and turned it up a bit. I'd been living here for over 18 months - but now I decided to mess with the settings.

    ... what happens? Practically every liquid freezes solid. Not icy... solid.

    So this obviously wasn't what I was intending for my seltzer water.

    The last few weeks, I think I've been getting closer and closer to a happy temperature medium (despite by 5/26 move date!) .... but my milk is still icy.

    I'm pretty sure I'm giving up on trying to find the right temperature.

    I dream of being athletic...

    This morning I woke up and thought I should probably buy a tennis skirt ... you know for all the times that I play tennis this summer. I have previously found some great deals on Its a pretty great site that has great deals on a variety of items - ranging from your black tie outfits to running sneakers ... and apparently blackberries too.

    In my search for tennis skirts, I happened to stumble upon this pair of shoes - which I think are pretty ridiculous. Thought I'd share with you all....

    Here is the link to them online as well... in the event you want to drop $48 bones on these suckers.

    I'm lazy


    I've been a lazy blogger recently.

    I apologize.

    I know this won't help but here is a picture of my new Asics running shoes. I went for my first run in them today and it was pretty great. I've tried to get back into running the last few weeks... and a new pair of sneaks will most certainly help ... as will my new Lululemon top that I bought while I was in Philadelphia. Oops :)

    While I always get a whole lot of use out of my shoes, I hate paying $100 for them. Once a year I get lucky and I use my REI dividend and the 20% off coupon to save some sheckles. I managed to get these shoes for $65 with free shipping.

    I feel pretty great about that... and so should you.

    (I'll try to be a better blogger this week.... I hope you've missed me)
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