I'll just take apart a grill today.


One of the projects that I've been working on since I've been home as been to rebuild the family gas grill. I did it once a few years ago - before I got my MBA - and so since I'm back living at home ... why not do it again?

This time the project was slightly more complicated in that I had to replace the burner tubes. I don't remember when we bought the grill for my dad but I do remember it was Father's Day ... and approximately 15 years ago. So, guess how easy it was to undo some of those screws? :)


Well, the project is almost done ... will be wrapping up tomorrow I am hoping.

I'll be sure to post an excessive amount of pictures of the process when it is complete.

Maybe I'll wear this?

In my new suburban life I do things like go blueberry picking, ride my bike, and drink gin and tonics with married women.

As a result, I'm also looking for a tennis outfit. I figured I'd check ebay first ... and I stumbled across this little gem. I'm pretty sure all the Lululemon moms would give me the boot even more than they already have...

... and for a close up image ... in the event you can't really see the "beauty" of the 80s ringing true.

I'm for sure going to be the most popular lady at Wednesday Ladies Clinic next week.

Dinosaur Oatmeal


"Can I have some dinosaur oatmeal? ... with a spash of milk and a smidge of brown sugar?"

I spend a lot of my time these days hanging out with my little brother Jake. He's a pretty awesome kid, yep I know I'm biased but ask any of my friends and they are likely to agree. My mom is out of town this week so I'm taking over some "morning duties" which includes making Jake breakfast. After he had his Dinosaur oatmeal (which by the way is oatmeal with sugar covered dinos that are revealed as the sugar melts in hot oatmeal), Jake also requested bacon and chocolate milk.

Life can't be too rough right? No complaints here.
This is where I have my morning coffee each day... life is good.

I'm back... and better than ever? Maybe?


Its officially been a month (and a little bit more) since I last did a blog post. I feel naughty.

But its not as though I've been slacking off and merely twiddling my fingers... if that helps at all. :)

Since May 2nd, I've had some incredible experiences and made a few bigger life changes. Here's a small list:
  1. Excellent last month of school with my friends. We went to Block Island, did a Boat Cruise of Boston Harbor, and consumed many beverages in the process.
  2. I graduated! Both my sister and I graduated on May 24th. It was an incredible day - and significantly better than the last time I graduated - which I fondly label the worst day of my life. (Small hint: I ran over a family of ducks on the highway).
  3. I moved out of Brighton .... and into my parents house.... for the summer... or more. My job doesn't start until mid-September so I'm spending the summer at the beach. I can't complain too much except for the dwindling social life that is inevitable. I'm hoping that my friends see the benefits of said new life and want to visit frequently.
Most recently, I got home from Ireland. My sister and I took a siblings trip to the homeland for a week and it was incredible (more to come on that later).

But the long and the short of it is.... I'm back blogging. I truly missed it and I'm going to renew my commitment. :)
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