veal cakes over silky eggplant


Oh Sunday. You tricky little beast.

It was such a beautiful day out. It was one of those days where everyone is thinking about how few layers they need to wear and lusting after gardening items at the hardware store. Maybe those are both just me actually. But seriously, it was almost actually warm out. This winter has been nothing in comparison to last year but for some reason, I'm beyond eager for Spring and Summer to come around. The longer days, the garden fresh food, and perma-smell of sunblock just can't come fast enough.

Seared cod with pancetta roasted leeks and mushrooms


Man oh man. This was an amazing dinner. So many surprising and delicious elements - and so fast. I pulled this one (literally) from the pages of Real Simple during my winter plague. I never really believe the "30 minute meals" call out - especially for the first time you make something. So, it was surprising to me that this actually could have been a quick weeknight meal.

I managed to make this dinner on a "busy" Sunday. I went to yoga, finally packed away the Christmas stuff, and prepped for Spring plantings. I am so excited about this. With all my time on the couch, I somewhat methodically planned out how this will all happen. It's probably going to fail but at least I have a spreadsheet tracking my plan. Spring is coming though - it's in the air for sure. There were 19 people on the beach during sunset including sweet Ruby May and that is about 18 more than I've seen the past three months.

red wine braised short ribs with rosti potatoes


I get a lot of magazines. Like more than a dozen. And perhaps more than that. I really like getting mail. But sometimes I just can't keep up with all the mail and it piles up big time. Normally, I will just grab an issue or two for the commute but thanks to a terrible run of sickness and cold weather... I am nearly at the bottom of my pile. The benefit of this exercise is some great recipes that I'm excited to try - including this one.

I actually got the meat for this meal probably about a month ago and tossed it in the freezer. Then it just never seemed like the right weekend for it until it was below zero outside and the only appropriate activities were cooking and watching Netflix. Despite most often cooking for one, I bought two short ribs for this meal so it seemed appropriate to invite over a guest... my mom. 

Cottage Cheese and Dill Bread


This almost sounds like a joke.

I was in a slightly rough spot this week when I found myself with an excess of fresh dill. I honestly never thought that would be something I would say. See dill is just "fine" but it's not a fresh herb that I look to stock up on or really ever buy. In fact, I've only used it three times. When I made dilly beans. When I made leek potato soup. When I made pickles. And now this time for dill bread. If it was the summer, I would have immediately opted for some potato salad. It feels like the most obvious use of dill... bread might be the least obvious.

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