I miss the train.

I miss the train. A lot.

This week I have to work out of nowheresville Pennsylvania and as a result i have to fly. This makes my life infinitely more complicated. All of the glorious reasons I love train do not apply to flying.

For example, I had to get up super early in order to get to the airport in time for my flight (which was in the end delayed an hour). You want to know who else is at the airport at 5:30 am? Nobody. I took a video.

Not to be negative Nancy but i'm going to list the other negatives...
  1. I have to rent a car. This also means I have to drive (obvious). Since renting a gps is not an allowable expense I also need to bring that with me. Just swell.
  2. I have been stockpiling liquids in my suitcase apparently. Every week I take that sucker home from NYC I have great aspirations of emptying it all out and I never do. I merely take out the top layer or two of clothes and throw more stuff in. I can honestly say that this Sunday was the first time that I have seen the bottom since I went to boca with baby sister. What was at the bottom? Liquids. And all more than 3 oz. Brutal.
  3. when you are just flying to philly you don't get to fly on a real size plane with real size overhead space... This plane has overhead space that wouldn't even fit one of those ridiculous childrens character backpacks. You know what I'm talking about.

Since I like to stop lists on odd numbers, I'll stop here.... But I most certainly have more reasons.

{btw. I'm secretly terrified of women that wear tons of makeup when they are traveling. I just don't get it... But we all know how relaxed I like to be}


  1. Umm I'm sorry you can't rent a GPS?!?! Are you kidding? They are sending you to nowheresville with no GPS? Does. not. compute.

  2. Yeah, its confusing - but seems pretty standard across many companies. Thankfully in this day and age of smart phones, its not *as big of a deal*.


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