Mayor Battle

 I've been on Foursquare since last June just before I went to Ireland. I blogged about the life of a suburban Foursquare user during the summer. At that point I was the mayor of 16 locations that included some of my daily "hotspots" like the gym, the porch, the beach, etc. (Can you see that my life was a little bit different then than it is now?)

Over the summer I also managed to get the rest of my family on Foursquare. Quite the feat considering they normally mock my insatiable interest in technology.... but then come crawling back when they can't figure something out. Of course I mean this in the nicest of ways :). My mom first joined Foursquare during a game at Fenway Park. Honestly, I was a little annoyed/jealous that she managed to snag the Swarm badge so easily where as I had to really work at that one.


Since I've been working in NYC the last couple months, I have slowly lost the suburban mayorships that I loved to other family members. I've picked up other mayorships that have been perhaps more challenging to retain though like the Club Acela lounge at NY Penn Station. The Amtrak Station. The Hilton Manhattan East. (Here are my stats).

I was alerted to my latest lost mayorship not by Foursquare or Twitter, but actually by my little brother. He so nicely left me this voicemail while I was at work in a windowless conference room.

So sweet.

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