A little spot of sunshine

I take my meals really seriously. The day must be brutal for me to miss a meal - never mind breakfast. It's one of my favorite meals of the day whether I just have Greek Yogurt or something more exciting. Is there anything better than sipping coffee to start the day? Obviously its better in a favorite coffee mug but I'll take it anyway I can get it ... except perhaps from McDonalds. I'm sure there is some survey out there saying that people love McDonalds just the same as other brands ... but frankly I don't care.

Well, I recently stumbled upon this place called Aroma near my office.... and .... its .... delicious. I started going there for lunch and was hooked. Their Grilled Chicken Cesear Salad was my gateway drug to the eventual pancake bites. (yes you read that right...) I tend to get the crazy tasty oatmeal for breakfast with a regular coffee. The fresh fruit is super delicious and makes me feel like I'm actual making a good eating decision - so much so that I can do a wine bar for dinner.

I'm not going to wax on about how much I love Aroma but here are few reasons why this brand / establishment has captivated my attention more than Starbucks recently:

  1. The oatmeal comes with delicious fresh fruit. The blueberries are crazy plump and the strawberries obviously aren't too shabby either. 
  2. You get a mini chocolate with your coffee.... even at 7:30 in the morning. Win Win. Sometimes I forget that I have them and then I find two at a time. Jackpot.
  3. The coffee cards are punched with a "heart" punch. Hey, its the little things.
One last reason? Social media presence. The last 4 times I tweeted my Foursquare check-in Aroma responded - which I think is impressive considering I've only done it 4 times. Aroma feels I deserve the pancake bites even if it isn't raining.
Its hard to argue with Aroma when the pancake bites are as delicious as they are..... just look at the picture.
These little nuggets are so fluffy and perfectly sweet. I only wish they were priced just a smidge lower and perhaps came with a few more in the to-go container....

It might be raining / snowing  when I leave the hotel this morning in which case, I might have to treat myself to some pancake bites.

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