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OOF - Edward Ruscha
My thoughts exactly. 


In an effort to get out and experience more culture in NYC, I went to the MOMA one night after work. I am not a museum person at all. I quite literally ran through the Louvre in Paris and waited in the lobby of the National Gallery of Ireland while Baby Sister soaked up all the culture.

But, I'm in NYC and if I can't lead a typical home life, I might as well celebrate the fact that I can go to the MOMA on a Thursday night. Its actually not that easy to go to museums at night because they close at ....5:30 pm. For reals. But once a month, the MOMA stays open late and I happened to time it right so I was able to take advantage. PLUS, I got in for free with my work ID. Boo yah.
See my ticket price? $0. Also, feel free to take note that I took home a brochure intended for children to learn about Abstract Expressionism. I know its for children, but I know nothing. I completely looked past the the sign asking people just like me to not take one.

I'll fully admit that I didn't see the whole museum but I did take in the experience for sure and actually had some fun while I was at it. Here are a few of my favorites:

This painting is 13 feet long. Don't worry, I like it for more than its length.
Water Lilies -- Monet
I don't really know what an olive tree looks like but I guess this is it. Everybody and their brother loves "Starry Night", I'll take this one instead. The description on the website says that this is supposed to be the daytime pair to Starry Night. Oh, and he painted it while he was in the crazy house.
Olive Trees -- van Gogh
I love a good beard - although, this might be a bit much for me.
Portrait of Joseph Roulin - van Gogh
Frankly, this is where I get confused about art. Like, I could have made this in Microsoft Powerpoint. I know it would not be as exciting but come on now. Baby Sister will kill me for saying something like this :)

The museum was doing this really cool Andy Warhol exhibit while I was visiting. You could get your picture/video/I have no idea really taken in his style. Downside? They were going to put it on the interweb. I know I'm on the web obviously (hello, you are reading my blog) but I'm not one to just give people my picture and let them do what they want with it. I'm not a pre-teen celebrity.

Interestingly enough, there was also an exhibit about FONTS. Thankfully, no Comic Sans. I really hate that one.
All in all, a great cultural excursion that I can cross of my "to do" list.

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