21st Century Girl Scouts

I wasn't really a successful Girl Scout. I think I resigned (thats better than quitting right?) after a few years and a few hundred boxes of cookies. I'm not sure why I left Girl Scouts but it most certainly wasn't because of the badges. I'm pretty competitive and surprised that the hunt for Girl Scout badges didn't get the best of me and keep me around longer.

Alas, thankfully I have Foursquare to fulfill this desire. 

{still don't know about Foursquare... read this}

I've been a Foursquare user since last June and could probably be responsible for bringing on a handful of users after hearing me expound on the virtues of discounts, badges, and check-ins. As I've referred to in a previous post, my own family has gotten pretty competitive over mayorships. Mayorships are hard to attain though as the service gets more popular and that's where badges come into play.

Foursquare currently has about 100+ active badges (perhaps?) that a user can earn by checking-in to certain venues or checking-in with a certain grouping of people. Some badges are sponsored by companies or other brands and that perhaps makes them more interesting to try and collect.

  • Ellen Show -- Going to the Ellen Show is on my life bucket list. Currently nothing else on my bucket list  would get me a Foursquare badge... this would be fabulous
  • Dog's Best Friend -- I love dogs and perhaps when I get this badge it will mean that (1) I have my own dog or (2) I'm cool enough with the owner that I can go to the dog park with it 10 times.
  • Player Please -- The benefit of getting this badge would purely be that more of my friends and social network has joined Foursquare. I'm no player :)
  • Epic Swam -- I kept hoping that every Snowpocalypse that we had this winter would turn into an epic swarm but alas it did not happen. I managed to get the 250 person swarm by checking in at Rockefeller Center during the tree lighting.
The upside and downside of badges is that some are active only for a period of time.... and for special events like SXSW. I'd love to have gotten all of the badges but especially these four:

  1. Panel Nerd
  2. Foursquare with Foursquare
  3. Disco Nap
  4. Golden Ticket

I was terribly jealous reading my twitter feed during SXSW as I read about different panels and events. I'm thinking about putting in for some vacation time so I don't miss next years event. I won't be able to play Foursquare with the Foursquare founders .... or go to a Big Boi concert.... but I'd probably be able to take a "disco nap". In the meantime, I'll just keep trolling the interweb for next years big thing and snagging some new badges.

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