So what are you saying is....

I understand that stores need signs to tell their customers things. As a customer, I want to be told of sales,  delicate items, packages, etc. It makes me a better customer in some way perhaps. We are both on the same page about the expectations for our transaction.

Now, as a retailer you have to be responsible and consistent with your messaging. Deal?

On Sunday, I went to a local sandwich shop with Baby Sister to grab some afternoon grub. I wanted a BLT and a I wanted it bad. I had been to this place once before (September 2010) and had a tasty Mediterranean Tuna wrap. I actually used a Groupon at the time and it was an easy purchase. I got two sandwiches, a bottle of wine, some chips, and two pint glasses. Done and done.

Today was a different story. The sandwich was mediocre .... and the store was covered in an excessive amount of signs alerting customers to different rules. I took 9 pictures and barely feel like they accurately reflect what the store felt like.

"Rent this champagne fountain for $75 plus the cost of  your beverage"
Is that not obvious? Really. Give your customers some credit. Also this fountain looks not at all exciting

"Be Polite. Take ONE. PLEASE"
This was the first sign I saw when I walked into the store. I'll be polite - but your chips aren't really "crisp".

 I can't even type out all of these signs. But they are all about LivingSocial, Groupon, and Buy With Me gift certificates. Do you really need three signs in this small of a space about the same thing?

This is just the register area. Rules about using credit cards, rules about how long it takes to make a sandwich, buying lobsters with coupons, etc, etc, etc.

... and ... more.... signs. I'm still in disbelief.

Lastly, Guinness Cupcakes? I took this picture on the 27th of March. A full 10 days after St Patricks Day. It doesn't help that you have now made them free. They are still suspect.

Sadly, I'll probably still go back to this place because they aren't idiots (like another place in town) and they carry a really wide variety of items plus beer & wine. Here's hoping that the next time I go back all the Groupons / Living Social / Buy With Me credits have been used up and I don't have to look at these visually abusive signs again.

P.S. Here is a note I won't send but wish I would:
Dear Front Street Gourmet,
You signed up for Groupon / Living Social / Buy With Me. You knew the type of customers that would bring. Customers that would pay $10 for $20 worth of product. Where is the surprise in that? Don't try and make them feel guilty for spending $20.01. Instead, find a new font on your computer and perhaps make a new sign welcoming customers into the store. Also, don't use Wonderbread on sandwiches...
Mediocre-ly Yours,

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