I love me some Kardashians. This family is banana pancakes crazy and I'm 100% on board for it.

Between the antics between the older girls, the older girls and their mom-ager, and old fashioned, out of the loop Bruce .... I savor every episode.

But, one thing that I've always really liked about these girls and this family in general is that they appear "real". Part of the whole real thing is being honest about their curvy bodies and let's face it ... larger than normal butts. Yes, I know they pedel Quiktrim as a dietary supplement... but I don't feel like they've ever lied to me about how they look or how they got to how they look.

During my evening loop of the celebrity gossip sites, I noticed this post on X17online for Khloe. Apparently, she is going to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Now, she looks great on the cover ... but I have to wonder how much of this is even her.
Screenshot from

I'd say the top half of the body looks pretty realistic. Its the bottom half that I begin to question ... and as further evidence to support my crazy suspicion.... Khloe only shows the top half on her website.
Screenshot from
I look forward to the internet attacking this one a bit - or perhaps not at all. Perhaps I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't read the Huffington Post's article on the Kardashian's recent Redbook cover. Its hard to tell (obviously) but she just looks different. I understand that the covers aren't shot on the same day and she could have done a crazy diet before her solo cover.... but it just looks different.

So go ahead internet.... debate.

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