Crazy Social....

Normally during a work week, I'm "social" one night a week. The rest of the week I grab takeout and eat it on my giant king-size bed. I'm not complaining, I love eating a bacon cheeseburger in bed. Its sneaky luxury that I would never do in my own bed.

This past week was a different story. Despite a little bit of work drama hanging over my head, I went out each night this week. No room service for this girl.

I convinced my friend Ria to skip a spin class and get dinner with me. Because Ria's commute takes her through Grand Central Station, we grabbed dinner at Zocalo. Nothing better than a surprise dinner that includes tortilla chips and salsa.

One of my childhood friend's, Rachael, blogged about The Wharf Bar & Grill over the prior weekend. She raved about the low beer prices and quality wings. Both are key to a great budget evening... and my hotel happened to be located quite near to The Wharf.
not a picture of the actual wings... sorry.
While I had a great evening, the wings were definitely better than the company I was keeping that evening. Rumor on the street is that this place also has $1 tacos on Tuesdays... I'll have to come back and check it out. Plus, there is a great outdoor deck area for when its not pouring rain.

While I was at The Wharf, I tweeted my foursquare checkin. Lucky me, my old friend saw the tweet and we were able to connect for dinner on Wednesday. I am not even sure the last time I saw Rachael but it was definitely nearly three quarters of a lifetime ago. We ended up meeting up at another great spot near Grand Central called El Rio Grande.
also, not a picture of the guacamole... sorry.
Rio Grande's selling point is the crazy delicious guacamole. And, it was crazy delicious. I'm sure its meant for more than two people but we certainly put a sizable dent in the serving.

I already blogged about Thursday in my Ladies Night post... but it wouldn't hurt to mention again. I had a ladies night dinner with Ria and a new friend at Wine:30. Its always nice to end the work week on such a high note.
an actual picture of my meal.... my favorite Seared Tuna appetizer

I am optimistic about this coming week as well. Tonight, I'm going back to The Wharf for a "Bachelor" Finale party. I some how managed to avoid getting caught up in The Bachelor / Bachelorette hullabalo in the past few years but this year has been different. Perhaps I just love me some crazy bitches competing over a clueless dude?

I make no promises about being this social going forward, but it was super nice to see so many friends in one week. Loves it.

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