.... and she can work!

My baby sister is returning to the workforce today. This is a big day since it means she will learn about some really important things like:
  • 401k
  • health insurance
  • expense reimbursements
  • fiscal quarters
  • taxes
Baby girl does have a solid head on her shoulders - so don't get me wrong. She's smart for realsies. When I thought about this day coming, I had flashbacks to a few Friends episodes featuring the one and only Phoebe. I, for one I can't think about my own 401k without this particular Phoebe moment.

On the other end of the spectrum, I'm pretty sure Baby Sister will never turn into this version of Phoebe... but if she did I'd love to buy a ticket to watch from the sidelines. I'll never forget how impressive Baby Sister looked in her first suit. Goose bumps :)
The quality of that clip is pretty poor. Here is the link to the original.

ANYWAY. As a mobile employee, I don't get to have a desk and all the accouterments that come with that luxury.... but Baby Sister is going to have one of her very own so I figured I'd give her some suggestions of things I think she should have.

PRETTY FLOWERS. This family has a hard time keeping things alive... but perhaps a flower pot that reminds you to care for it would be helpful.

FISHY FISHY. Zen Gardens are so last year. What she really needs is this fish tank / lamp / cellphone / scissor holder. But, am I the only one that would be worried about the lamp slowly cooking the fish?

WHACK-A-MOLE. Everyone needs a frustration buster... but I'm pretty sure this would be more fun if it dispensed tickets you could trade in for tacky arcade games.
DRUM SET. You won't be making any friends with this sucker.... or will you?  I'm pretty sure this is an awesome idea.
CAFFEINE. I'm not sure I'd ever recommend drinking a lime green drink in general... never mind at work but with this gizmo you can keep your coffee warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Seems too good to be true. You let me know how this works. I'm pretty sure TSA wouldn't like it going through security.

.... and perhaps you can become popular if you have one of these on your desk for Friday. Margaritas for you and your four closest office friends. I'm pretty sure if you had this on your desk you wouldn't have trouble making four new work friends.


Note: blog post inspired by this Mashable article... oh and this one too.

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  1. That fish tank is awesome! I may just have to get one ; )


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