Nightly Ritual

I like reliable. I like consistent. No real secrets here.

There are many great things about "living" in the Hilton, but one of them is consistency. Every night around 6pm, a lady comes around to each room and turns down the bed. Best part of this? She leaves two little chocolates on the pillow. 

I don't have much restraint in life, when I want something I want it... and normally I can't wait a millisecond. Some how I always manage to wait until I'm in bed to crack open these little delights. Now, I'm sure you are judging me potentially for one or all of the following:
  1. eating in bed
  2. eating chocolate in bed
  3. eating Hilton chocolate
Well, I don't care. Sometimes on the train when they give me the Ghirardelli caramel chocolate square, I manage to save it and bring it home. Especially when I take the night train... and they give me two. Highlight. I never manage to bring any Hilton chocolate home - and rarely does it make it to the next day. So not only do I always eat it, but I always eat it the same way. 

What way is that you ask? Oh, please see the video below.
Believe it or not, I would not really consider myself a "sweets" person. I normally turn down dessert and can stay away from chocolate with ease. But I guess thats hard to believe, when you see a whole post about the Hilton chocolates or watch me devour/dominate red velvet cupcakes.

{Future post coming on Top 5 things about staying in the Hilton... hint, you just read about one}

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