Happy Times. Happy Tummy.

Sometimes after a long week all I really want is just to sit on the couch and decompress. I don't think that is too much to ask for. But last week, there was cause to celebrate! A great family friend took Baby Sister and I out to dinner in town ... and by town I mean "hometown" not "downtown". Stella is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston and one of the talented guys that worked there opened his own restaurant, Oro, in my town.

Baby Sister and I got dolled up for the occasion ... and by that I mean we looked good if I say so myself. The Scituate Harbor restaurant has a really cute atmosphere - both for the dining area and bar area. It is nice to see some established chefs take risks and put themselves in the suburbs. My stomach certainly appreciated the efforts.

The menu fits me to a T and I could have gobbled up pretty much anything on there... but as you can see below I made some pretty good decisions.

Fried artichoke hearts, country mustard remoulade, basil oil
... oh and that's a tasty cesear salad in the background
Proscuitto Wrapped Local Cod, herbed spaghetti squash, shaved shallot meuniere
Assorted Gelato
I'm not normally a dessert person but I definitely got onboard with this decision... wish I could remember the flavors to share :)

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