Vacation is over? Lame.

One of the best parts about vacation is being on it - obvious I know. This is actually the view from our hotel room at the Boca Raton Resort. It is excellent for manatee watching - which I did every morning from the desk.

One of the worst parts of vacation is transitioning back into society.

Boca was such a great 5 days that it seems pretty obvious the rest of the week would have been a bit downhill. If I ever gain the courage, I'll write a blog post about the return flight on Spirit Air. Needless to say, it was atrocious, unprofessional, and broke me down to a level I thought couldn't exist.

But... the last few days of our vacation went swimmingly. We hit the spa. Played in the pool. Soaked up some rays. Drank some Gin & Tonics. All in all a giant win. Baby sister actually wrote a very comical blog post on the spa experience that I encourage you to read. I'm biased for sure but I laughed so hard that I cried... and I read it in a hotel lobby.
One thing that Baby Sister didn't mention is that we spent the day at the spa for approximately $20 each. When we took a tour of the joint, the woman happened to let it slip that if you booked a service you could use the facilities for the whole day. So what did the Foley girls do? We spent the entire day there and booked a service for the end of the day. The Ritual Spa Bath runs $35 each - but with my Hilton Honors Diamond Status (baller status) we got it for 50% off. Also, yes that is my big toe in the middle of the picture. I've heard that when the 2nd toe is bigger than the others it's a sign of royalty. Since I was totally living the life at the Spa Palazzo, I like to think that is the truth.

Just so the documentation of our celebrity experience is complete, I need to inform the world that we also saw Donny Deutsch. So that would bring our grand total to FOUR. Quite impressive.
We saw Donny as we were lingering by the pool on our last day. He strolled by with a Suzanne Sommers wanna-be in a crazy tight dress and runway high heels. Since telling people that I saw Donny, I feel like only 30% of people know who he is ... and they all know him from different things. Me? I feel like I first heard about him from The Apprentice with Donald Trump which was like way back in 2005. I also remembered him from his show "Big Idea with Donny Deutsch". To show how much I watched, I was completely unaware it went off the air in 2008. Oops.

Anyway, vacation is over and I'm back in the real world. Looking forward to my next adventure.... whenever that is.

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