It seems like every blog has some sort of themed periodic post. Hopelessly Techie has never had that but I've been thinking about doing something...

A few examples:
I'm not sure what would be best for me but I love the idea. This may seem self-centered but sometimes I really enjoy just reading old blog posts to reflect on what was going on and how things have changed since I wrote what I wrote. 

So a few things that I'm really interested in that could provide for a theme:
  • bucket lists
  • start-ups
  • cooking
  • infographics
  • finding deals
A few of these get knocked off pretty quickly because I don't have the time or means to do something about cooking once a week... that is unless the Hilton starts to let me use their kitchen. Pretty sure that's not happening.

So, while we ponder this question.... here is a little gem that I wanted to share. I actually found this tumblr back in December but hadn't gotten around to sharing it. 

“For your information, I wasn’t “kicked out.” It was politely suggested to me that I should leave. It’s different.”
Link to post
"Hungover Owls" is a tumblr feed that essentially uses pictures of owls and puts captions insinuating that they are hungover / drunk / recovering / etc. I'm not sure why it's s funny.... but frankly it just is. So enjoy it.

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