Thanks for the reminder Delta

Back in the fall I got an interesting Delta promotion on flights from Detroit to South America (or something like that). Being a lover of data, I wondered where Delta got off thinking I would ever went to Detroit. Didn't they have customer metrics on me to indicate that I lived in Boston? They should be able to know that I'm a diehard New Englander. Detriot be damned! (Just kidding, I'm sure its a lovely place. Eminem made a stellar car commercial all about it.)

So this week, I got this email from Delta advertising "Love" promotions. Now Delta, I'm not expecting you to know that I'm single although you could probably check your records (or those records that you buy about your customers) and see that I've only ever bought one ticket anywhere.... which I guess could mean a lot of things. I'm a business traveler. I'm a secret agent. I'm selfish. Etc Etc Etc.

The promotion is exclusively for "wedding" or "honeymoon" packages. Want to know what I think would be fun? Just buy a wedding/honeymoon package and go away with a single girlfriend. Let them spoil us and shower us with flowers and romantic massages. This is something that is right up Baby Sister's alley... too bad we just got back from our own little honeymoon in Boca.

But thanks for the reminder Delta that I'm totally single and there isn't a snowball's chance in hell I'll be buying a vacation package from you anytime soon. 

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