Under the weather...

I’m feeling a little bit under the weather today – and actually for the last 3 days – yes, feel free to frown along with me. Its worrisome to me because I still would like to run the half marathon in November but I’m quite off pace for this “alleged training”. I’m still optimistic though – adrenaline can do wonders I hear.


I’m under the weather. Its nothing special, but I’m under it for sure. I went to CVS this morning for supplies and left with an arsenal of treats – and no candy. That’s how you know I’m not 100% - I didn’t even linger at the AirHeads or Halloween Candy Corn.

However, I’m a huge fan of Alkaseltzer. It could be about as useful as Airborne for all I know but I like the fizziness and the citrus, so I buy it. Today I put my mid-day treat in a fancy lighthouse glass to make myself feel special.

It worked. I feel special.

Oh, and I bought a new album off iTunes this morning to help with the work day. I heard this artist on the premiere of Cougar Town last night and loved it. The name is Carey Brothers – and the album is a whopping $5.99 on iTunes and Amazon.
I even “tweeted” about it. So that must mean I really mean it – because nobody lies on Twitter.

Peace out kittens.

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