Flying High

This time last week I was flying home from the Virginia area. Although it was delayed for two hours in the lovely Washington Dulles airport... the flight was great once we took off.

My new job will keep me on the road a lot and I plan on filling you all in the experience with countless cellphone pictures. I take a lot of cell phone pictures - we know this - and I'm sure that I'll run into a lot of things that need to be photographed.

Regardless. Last week, I took two pictures that I think encapsulate the experience.

Picture 1:
I had a little issue jamming all of my belongings into two carry-ons especially considering I was coming back with one extra laptop and a very fashionable computer bag. ::insert sarcasm right about here::
 Its totally normal to try and carry two laptops and 2 pairs of shoes in your carry-on. Needless to say, I'm going to plan a little better next time. My poor bag is still tired from the workout.

Picture 2:
I never get tired of taking aerial pictures. Its hard because in order to take an aerial that means I have to give up my aisle seat - but it is sometimes worth it.
I have no idea where this was taken over - but there is something super awesome about the sun reflecting off the water and he clouds on the horizon.

I'm tentatively working from home next week, so the only adventurous pictures you'll be seeing will be of BLTs from the Golf Club and giant laundry piles.

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