Rumor has it the gravy train is ending in less than two weeks... and I'm going to need to put on pants. I can quite honestly say that I've probably put on pants (not stretchy pants, yoga pants, or sweatpants) maybe a dozen times since I graduated - IN MAY.

Since graduation - and my move back to the suburbs - my wardrobe has consisted of:
  1. bikini top
  2. bikini bottom
  3. tank tops
  4. sundresses
  5. workout clothes
I haven't even put on a Polo shirt.

I have completely ignored all emails from Banana Republic, Gap, J.Crew, etc etc offering me "excellent discounts" on pretty much everything. I only clicked on the emails twice - both from Old Navy - because I needed more tanktops. Fact.

Life changed a bit this week when I was in Banana Repubic the other day getting a sweater for family pics ... and saw a dress that I should probably buy for work. Its been so long since I "got dressed" that I have NO IDEA what size I am. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not at all. I know I'm a medium bikini top, small bottom, medium workout tank, unisex headband :). I know what size I am at Lululemon .... but this does not help me at all at Banana Republic.

So, in the spirit of realizing that my gravy train only has a few more stops ... I clicked on a email from BR today. It was instantly too overwhelming and I hit Command+W and closed that window real fast.

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow....

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