So, we know I love maps...

I'm no interior decorator ... thats pretty obvious.

If I was... fyi, the new trend is stacks of moving boxes. I highly recommend Iron Mountain - they give it a little extra something.


When I do get the opportunity to fully personalize my living space, I'm certainly going to use maps. If you recall, I did a post in July all about my love of maps... and Etsy. I've gotten a lot of comments on my Minot and Martha's Vineyard pendants.

I saw an excellent post on Apartment Therapy that was ALL about decorating with maps. Some of the designs and rooms shown are a lot more obvious - where as I would be more comfortable with something perhaps a little more subtle.... but who knows :)

Images shown are from Apartment Therapy post
A recent pass through Etsy revealed a few new map favorites that I'd love to use / gift for special occasions ...
"You are Here Now" Poster
Vintage Map cufflinks
Map Cuff
State Cutting Board

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