I'm Making Bread: Part TWO

So when I last left you, all I had was some yeast-y goodness percolating in my oven... and when I wasn't looking it "exploded".

Yep, a wee bit of fail there... but don't worry I just transferred it into a bigger bowl and went back to work.

When I woke up the following morning, I had predicted that I would have bread ready for a delicious BLT lunch.... not quite the case. Apparently, this lovely loaf of Sourdough required 2 more periods of "resting" - so the bread arrived a bit later in the day - but it still arrived none the less.

Here is the loaf after I added bread flour and let it rise for 90 minutes in the oven (again).

I gently kneaded down the dough from above into a perfect little ball with the "seams pinched" as per the directions. It then had to rise for YET ANOTHER HOUR.... sweet Jesus is this bread ever going to be ready?

Answer? Yes. It did finally finish and here is the evidence. I like to think its shaped a little bit like a heart because I made it with love ... yep thats corny. I know it. 

End result? 
  • The bread is pretty tasty - but not perfect. But since I have my "starter" all ready, the next loaf won't be a total effort in exercising patience.
  • I've had sourdough toast for the last two mornings - and it was super tasty - in part because I made it.
  • I think my next bread attempts will be a rosemary bread, an olive bread, and perhaps asiago because you doesn't love cheese?
Here is a link to the album - and I even did captions on a lot of them this time! 

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