I'm making bread!

I have a soft spot for carbohydrates.

Particularly those that come in bread form ... and even more those that are freshly baked.

I spent the summer buying bread from French Memories in Cohasset - and believe me it was great. I'd say on average I bought a loaf and a half a week - so over the course of 3 months (June, July, and August for sake of the argument) I procured approximately 18 loaves from them. Now, at $3 a loaf that isn't crazy town ... but it certainly isn't cheap either. Especially when their Sourdough loaves are significantly smaller than the Traditional French Country... and I've bought enough to know the difference. I'm actually the FourSquare mayor of French Memories.

But, now that its getting cooler ... and the idea of spending some time in a warm kitchen isn't repulsive ... I'm going to make my own bread .... or at least give it a shot.

I did a quick Google search for "Easy Sourdough Recipes" and got this one from Emeril Lagasse. I made the starter today during lunch and now it is resting safely in my oven with the light on as indicated. Here are a few pictures so far:
the beginning of my "starter"
resting safely in the oven!
At this time tomorrow, I might even be noshing on some fresh bread!

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