Labor Day ...

With one week left until I start work, I headed to Maine last week to see some dear friends. Since school we have all scattered a bit and so it was terribly nice to round up a few and have some fun.

The place I went to is perfectly remote and lovely. My friend's family has a house near the Christmas Cove area of Maine and you have to love heading to a place that is described as "potentially hard to get to using your GPS". I love it.

We had a phenomenal time lazing around the deck, watching the tides, eating from the local greasy spoon (otherwise known as Harborside), and perhaps some day drinking as well. It was great. A few of the even better highlights?
(1) Clambake
Having never built/made a clambake before some members of the team went to the Library to use the computers and did a little research - with even more help from neighbors in providing tools ... it went off without a hitch (almost :)). It was a great dinner to gather around the table and devour!
(2) Kayaking with Seals
My incredibly thoughtful friend and host rented kayaks for the group so we could explore. When the tides were right, we all hoped in the kayaks and paddled out to see what lay beyond the edge of the dock. Unfortunately, all pictures of this expedition are on my friend Meghan's camera - but you'll have to trust me. .... it was gorgeous. We saw SEALS! ... and they were not far away either. It was awesome. The cove was so pretty it was one of those breathtaking moments where you wish wish wish you had a camera.

All in all... a total win of a getaway!

Here are some more pictures of the holiday vacation ... including some step by step of the clambake ... and beautiful cove views!

Note: on my "list", you'll see "stay in a B&B on the ocean". I'm pretty sure that this counts for it. The house was mere yards from the cove and it came with some of my best friends inside. Win Win.

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